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Afghan Voices
Tuesday, February 15, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Northern Lights United Church

Lia Gladstone spent 2009 as Professor of English and Drama at American University in Kabul. Afghan Voices is a multi-media presentation about her experience of teaching, traveling and working with a human rights group doing theater in Afghanistan. The program features excerpts from the writing of Afghan students.

Friday, October 12, 2007

UfPJ Regional Rally in Seattle October 27th

United For Peace and Justice Regional Rallies!
October 27, 2007

Once again, members of Veterans For Peace will be taking to the streets to show their opposition to the war and occupation of Iraq, and to show their support to bring the troops home now!

There will be 11 cities around the nation holding rallies and marches and we encourage you to participate! You can learn more at the links below.



- Boston - New York - Jonesborough, TN - New Orleans - Orlando - Salt Lake City - Chicago - Los Angeles - San Francisco - Seattle - Philadelphia -

Thursday, October 11, 2007

JPPJ Joins Fairbanks Phone Marathan Call for Peace

Juneau People for Peace and Justice will join with the Alaska Peace Center (Fairbanks) which issued the following CALL FOR PEACE
Alaska Phone Marathon to call for an end of the occupation of Iraq

Are you frustrated that nothing is being done to bring and end to the war in Iraq? That the illegality of the war is not being prosecuted? That the Administration is not being held accountable for torture and irresponsibility in the conduct of the war and occupation? That the Administration is rattling sabers toward Iran and neither Democrats nor Republicans seem opposed?
You CAN do something that can make a difference!
Every morning from 6 am to 9 am and from 4 to 7 pm (Sundays noon - 3pm) for the from now until October 27, the Alaska Peace Center is hosting a phone marathon to call Congress, call presidential candidates, call the media and call friends to do the same.
We want all congressional offices to be flooded with calls every day now to October 27th
We want all presidential candidates to be flooded with calls every day now to October 27th
We want all declared candidates for national office to be flooded with calls every day now to October 27th
Here in Juneau we will participate by asking each of you to:
(1) call our Alaska congressional delegation

Sen. Ted Stevens - (202) 224-3004
Sen. Lisa Murkowski - (202) 224-6665
Rep. Don Young - (202) 225-5765

(2) ask your Alaskan friends to call them
(3) ask your friends in other states to call their congressional delegation

What is the message?
(1) No Iraq funding without a firm timetable for bringing our occupation to an end and bringing all our troops home and
(2) Ask your Senators to support Senate Resolution S759 - No military action in Iran without Congressional approval.
Also ask your friends in other communities, and in other states to make similar calls. Report by replying to this email when you make your calls. In Fairbanks they are organizing at the Alaska Peace Center to be sure that calls are made throughout those time periods and days. Let's see if we can help get at the very least 5 calls per hour during each calling period every day
Help spread this effort to other states by calling or emailing your family and friends around the country. Especially if you have friends or family or know groups in the smaller, rural communities of Alaska who can make calls too. It is fun and inspiring to talk to other groups around the country. It's a great chance to connect with old friends and family to motivate them to do something. It's a chance for us all to hike up the volume for peace.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

UAS to Host Iraqi Judge on the Reconstruction of Iraq

Friday, October 12th 7:00 pm UAS Egan Library
Judge Zuhair Jumma Bash Al-Maliki, Legal Advisor of Finance and Rule of Law Issues in Iraq

Juneau, Alaska - October 08, 2007 -

The UAS Evening at Egan Lecture Series will host Judge Zuhair Jumma Bash Al-Maliki, Legal Advisor of Finance and Rule of Law Issues in Iraq. Judge Zuhair is a cornerstone of the post-Saddam Iraqi legal system. He served as an Investigative Judge with the Central Criminal Courts of Iraq beginning shortly after the invasion and was elevated to Chief Judge by Paul Bremer in 2004.

The lecture will be held in the UAS Egan Library on Fri, Oct. 12 at 7 pm as part of the University’s fall lecture series. The lectures are free and open to the public. This is Judge Zuhair’s only stop in Alaska.

Judge Zuhair was born and raised in Baghdad. He attended Baghdad University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. From 1988 until 1999 Judge Zuhair worked successively as a translator for the United Nations Iran-Iraq Military Observation Group, a Foreign Relations Administrator for the Arab Union Scientific Research Council, and as an Administrator for the Arab Federation Food Industry. After careers in both government and private industry, Judge Zuhair returned to Baghdad University to attend law school.

In 2004, he gained international attention by issuing an arrest warrant for several government officials suspected of corruption, including Prime Ministerial candidate Ahmed Chalabi. Despite several assassination attempts and public smear campaigns, his colleagues said he never compromised his ideals. He asserts that the Iraqi legal system must be built upon an ethical legal foundation beholding only to the rule of law.

Monday, October 1, 2007

UfPJ Legislative Action

FED UP??? Let them hear it Oct. 8!

United for Peace and Justice is calling on supporters to contact their congressional delegations:
Meet with them, protest them, vigil them, occupy them!
The House and Senate will be home for Columbus Day -- Oct. 8 (and the Senate will be on recess until Oct. 16). They need to hear from us if they voted against the Feingold amendment or supported the Kyl/Lieberman amendment. It is also important that Senators who voted the right way on Kyl/Lieberman get thanked.
We are adding resources like sample voting records, flyers and talking points for meetings to our website: www.unitedforpeace.org/congress . If your group has a good resource to share, please forward to sue@unitedforpeace.org
Let them hear it Oct. 27!
We need a massive turnout on Oct. 27 -- Please join the effort to help plan, mobiize and publicize the national mobilization!
visit www.oct27.org or get in touch with the point people for each region:

Kelly Campbell
September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
503-230-9427 x2