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Lia Gladstone spent 2009 as Professor of English and Drama at American University in Kabul. Afghan Voices is a multi-media presentation about her experience of teaching, traveling and working with a human rights group doing theater in Afghanistan. The program features excerpts from the writing of Afghan students.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Action: Iran – Congress Can Stop the Slide to War

Your phone calls in the next 48 hours could stop the administration from rushing into military action against Iran.

Members of Congress from both major political parties are concerned that, given the administration’s track record leading up to the Iraq war, President Bush will authorize military action against Iran. Last week the House leadership designed a legislative provision to require the president to seek congressional authorization before launching a military attack against Iran. They attached that provision to the draft Iraq war supplemental spending bill. The provision would require the administration to make a full, public explanation of the need for war and gain congressional approval before launching new military action against Iran.

But, on Monday, the House leadership deleted the no war with Iran provision from the supplemental funding bill. The congressional leadership is counting votes. Apparently, they believe there is not sufficient support in Congress to approve a bar on military attacks on Iran without congressional approval.

Take Action - Call Your Representative Today

The first vote on the Iraq supplemental bill could happen as soon as this Thursday, March 15. Please call your representative today. Ask her or him to publicly ask the congressional leadership to include language in the Iraq supplemental bill that would require the president to seek congressional approval before going to war with Iran.

FCNL has set up a special, toll free number that you can use to reach the Capitol Hill switchboard: 1-800-903-0682. When you reach the switchboard, ask for Congressman Don Young

Read full action alert at http://www.fcnl.org/action/2007/lam0313.htm

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