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Lia Gladstone spent 2009 as Professor of English and Drama at American University in Kabul. Afghan Voices is a multi-media presentation about her experience of teaching, traveling and working with a human rights group doing theater in Afghanistan. The program features excerpts from the writing of Afghan students.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Can we work together?

Thanks to Rob for his steadfast determination to challenge Stevens, Murkowski and Young. I certainly appreciate his views about the nature of the struggle. I have continually brought up the Occupation Project to the few people who are coming to our weekly meetings. I sometimes think few people on the JPPJ list look at the internet or try to keep up to date about the war and the various efforts of peace activists around the country, and here in Alaska in Fairbanks and Anchorage.

Also it seems people here are just not able to take the step to civil disobedience or see the effectiveness of it - not any more effective than writing letters or signing petitions. And petitions do seem a lame approach. We have very few letters to the editor about the war or the corrupt administration. The idea of an initiative was that it would give people who are not able to bring themselves to demonstrate in the street an opportunity to express their opposition to the war. But an opinion poll might serve the same purpose - that is to show the delegation that a majority of Alaskans are opposed to the war and Bush's policies. Of course they could probably disregard it anyway.

How do we get more Alaskans engaged to even express opposition, let alone get more to show it publicly - either lawfully or otherwise? How do we articulate an alternative vision of an America at peace in the world? I, like you, am in this for the long haul. I devote much of my time to the issue of truth in recruiting, and in trying to speak out about the militarism of our society. But I fear my voice is very small, and I don't do nearly enough.

It seems to me that many anti-war activists and peace activists are at a point of reflection and re-evaluation of strategies. I am afraid many Americans do not question the role of corporations in government and public life, or American exceptionalism. I suspect many see the need for oil as a legitimate reason to use our military force around the world. Few question the capitalist economic system. Altogether a pretty depressing state of affairs. I think we have a lot of word to do to educate the general public about all this.

Good luck to Rob for his court appearance. Of course I know it involves more than luck. I know he has done a lot of work developing his brief. It would be a great thing for him to prevail on the issue of the illegality of the war. Thanks also to Don Muller for joining Rob.

In solidarity,


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